10 Top Tips For Branding Success

Whether you are a large company with 6,000 employees or a one-woman show, it is important for your brand to be captivating. Keeping a steady brand presence across all platforms is crucial to maintaining success. Here are the top 10 tips for branding success:


  1. Consistency: Keeping a regular tone across content creation, social media channels, SEO, website design, E-mail marketing, customer service, and advertising. It is important to maintain a schedule so that your brand can thrive. Keeping customers engaged is the pathway to a successful brand.
  2. Visuals: Customers have high expectations for a brand’s aesthetic makeup. Clients do not want to feel they are constantly being sold to, but rather, they want to become a part of a brand’s story. Maintaining a unique and thoughtful visual presence is a major part of a brand’s narrative.
  3. Theme: Your brand should have a clear and concise message. The storytelling of your brand should be easy to decipher. In essence, you should be able to portray who you are and what you stand for without saying a word. If you need to constantly explain your brand’s theme, then customers will always have trouble relating to you.
  4. Differentiating FactorWhat makes your brand stand out from the crowd? The term “disrupt” is used in describing many up and coming brands. The idea of disrupting is that your brand will bring something new and exciting to an industry. Constantly write down and go over the things that make your brand different and essential to the market. Show customers what they are missing if they are not partaking in your brand.
  5. Staying True to Your BrandIt is essential to always have your brand’s message in the back of your mind. With every decision you make, always hark back to the question: “Will this decision represent my brand well?” It is easy to get caught up in trends and ideas that are dominating the marketplace, but one must always remember how and why they started this brand.
  6. Brand AmbassadorsKeeping clients excited and engaged is fundamental for a brand’s continued success. Brand ambassadors can include social media influencers, current customers, and your own employees. Social influencers are a great way to spread your brand’s message across new audiences and platforms. Current customers are a great tool for word-of-mouth advertising and referrals. And your own employees make the best brand ambassadors. If they are engaged and excited about your brand, their enthusiasm will follow them outside of the workplace.
  7. Logo and Color ContentBranding is about keeping a consistent presence across all channels. A major factor in maintaining this existence is through the use of a great logo and color scheme. Your brand’s design aesthetic should relay your brand’s message. Customers should look at your logo and decide whether your brand is: edgy, luxury, classic, simple, etc. The components that go into your brand’s identity should be visually appealing to the client base you are trying to reach.
  8. Your Brand’s VoiceWhat message is your brand trying to convey? Who is the brand speaking to? And, what reaction is this brand trying to get? The genetic makeup of a brand has grown immensely in recent years. And with that, brands’ expressions have also taken flight. A brand is now always speaking to its customers in everything it does. Through its visual content, marketing, E-mails, and its social media presence, brands are speaking their minds.
  9. Breaking the RulesThe most dynamic brands today are not only breaking the rules, but they are also creating their own. Instead of basing your brand’s values and marketing on your competition, carve out your own conventions. One could spend countless hours trying to figure out how a competitor is doing things. Instead, focus on your already engaged customer base. Ask yourself: what unique idea would I like to see if I were the customer? Always look within your customer base. Figure out what their limitations are and go after it.
  10. CommunicationThis goes hand-in-hand with consistency. As your brand grows and evolves, conversing with clients and fellow employees is a great way to see which way your brand should push forward. Social media is such a strong tool. If a brand asks customers to “be the buyer,” they are more than willing to give their opinions. Having an open brand policy is key to the success of one’s brand. Always have an ear out to your customer base. E-mail them periodically asking what else your brand can do for them. Ask them to complete surveys about your brand. See if you are truly connecting with clients in a valuable way.


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