Importance of Branding in The Renewable Energy Market for Your Success as a Business - Kree8 Branding

Don’t underestimate the Power of Renewable Energy Branding

Branding is important in any business. If you’re entering the renewable energy business or you are already a part of it, it can be even more difficult because of the sheer diversity of the industry. Do you pay any attention to your branding at the moment? Or do you think it doesn’t apply to you? News just in: it does.  

In a period of instability for the renewable energy business (with  the current Government’s ignorance of green energy) your brand should be solid and unwavering, conveying credibility and trust. The Solar PV boom at the end of 2011 paved the way for a lot of companies with little to no experience in this sector to capitalise on the sudden increase of customers and demand. This made customers wary of the market, with some more unscrupulous companies conning customers out of thousands. You should set yourself apart as a strong, reliable and stable company within the industry. Your MCS and RECC certifications will help, but a strong brand message will push you to the top. 

Don’t Limit Yourself

Strong brands are common in the oil and gas industry; everyone knows who Shell is, for example, from their iconic logo – but the renewable market is more diverse. Your brand must be able to expand into new technologies. From my experience in the renewable energy business when I worked for Easy MCS, I saw plenty of Solar PV companies go for a strong PV brand as that was their entrance into the market. Then, when they went to diversify into heating technologies, their brand couldn’t accommodate it. Your brand should scream sustainability, but must be able to stretch to any technology; it should be forward thinking, easy to recognise and remember.  

renewable energy businessHaving a strong brand that looks to the future will prevent you from limiting yourself when new technologies or incentives are introduced. Continuing a strong brand message while enabling fluidity will improve relationships with customers and potential business-to-business relationships alike, no matter what happens within the industry in the coming years.  

Keep your Current Customers

Being a renewable contractor, you will probably also carry out electrical or plumbing work as part of your services. You won’t want to isolate those either as they form part of your overall offering and are a great source of recurring income. Therefore, the difficulty will be striking a balance between the sustainable measures you offer alongside the traditional services. However, a strong brand strategy should weather these difficulties.

Talk to the people you work with – your installers, salespeople, or if it’s just you, have some quality alone time. Think about how you want customers to perceive you, how your staff perceive your current brand, what sets you apart? Does your current brand say what you want to say about your business? This might seem like a huge, or even unnecessary task if you’re a smaller business, but it’s worth it. Branding is such a key factor in the success of businesses, and in an industry like renewable energy, it is even more so.   

Consider the Industry

The renewable energy business is far reaching and encompasses varying technologies, requiring different skills, specialities and qualifications to fit. Therefore, immediately it’s not a cohesive branding task, especially if your services span across various disciplines. Your brand should show what you do and why you’re unique. If you install solar PV, for example, what sets you apart from similar companies? You all use the same sun, and possibly similar, if not the same products. Your brand should encompass everything that your company offers to a customer and you need to look at your local competition. Do they have strong brand messages? A great looking website? Think about how you can get ahead of them with your own lasting branding. 

Think Logo

You should also consider logo design very carefully when in an industry like yours. Your logo should look at its best across all areas it’ll be used. A huge, colourful intricate logo will look great on a website and even a company vehicle, but it’ll look terrible when it’s printed on a t-shirt or jacket, or even an invoice where there’s limited space.  

Having a strong brand will only benefit you in this market – it can’t be bad for you. Kree8 Branding are experts in the branding industry, and with several years in the renewable energy business under our belt too, we can offer real help to companies looking to make their mark in this sector. Contact us today and see how we can put you ahead of your competition and help you build a lasting brand.