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Future Brands, Innovative ways of standing out in a voice-activated world

In a world where buyers don’t have to do much more than asking Alexa to add an item to a shopping cart and even have it delivered within 24 hours the challenges for companies to build future brands which stand out from the crowd is becoming ever more challenging.

The need for your product to be one of the future brands is vital to the success of building an audience who will connect with you and your product over and over again.

We have been checking out the analytics for voice-activated order on Amazon and leading the way is Tassimo.

Tassimo – Press Play!

More than just a coffee machine Tassimo has quickly become one of the leading suppliers in an extremely competitive market through establishing a strong future and identity leading to both the device and its “pods” becoming a massive seller on Amazon.

Owned by Jacobs Douwe Egberts a brand which had stood the test of time in the coffee industry they knew that to compete in the new technological age they had to come up with a future brand for the machines and one which was literally on the tip of the tongue when it came to ordering online.

Jacobs Douwe Egberts already have many household brands including Costa Coffee, Twining of London and Kenco so why did they feel the need to come up Tassimo when already holding such a significant brand presence in this market?  Future brands Tassimo

Those brands just did not fit the future brand criteria of being one which buyers would instantly relate to automated online purchases, so Tassimo was born.

Jacobs Douwe Egberts knew the importance of gaining consumer trust and utilised the existing supply chain to build the Tassimo brand. Supplying the machine was step one getting into the buyers home is critical but why pick the Tassimo machine over others on the market? They used the brand loyalty of their existing more established brands with Tassimo supplying the Costa Coffee, Twining and Kenco Pods all under the Tassimo brand. The gave buyers trust in the machine and visibility through more traditional buying platforms such as high street retailers.

Tassimo knew the challenge they had in front of them so from day one they always referred to the machine as Tassimo, not the Tassimo coffee machine this led to customer referring to Tassimo rather than just a coffee machine.

Using Alexa’s search analytics, we can see that search terms in the category of coffee have Tassimo leading the trend for voice-activated searches and this shows the strength and depth they have created in this relatively new brand in a hugely competitive market.

Tips for making your future brand

  • Establish a brand identity that will be unique to your product this can be a challenge at first with the temptation being to go for the quick win of attaching wording connected to the product you are offering. Look at the success of brands such as Innocent, with the name utterly focused on the cornerstones of the brand being healthy, natural and good for you. Now buyers automatically associate Innocent with Smoothies but the brand came first and the product quickly followed.
  • Gain consumer trust in your brand by working with others around you who have similar goals and aspirations but have already established trusted relationships. People connect with different brands for different reasons, but one thing which remains constant is people, the fear of the unknown having your brand associated with others which buyers already feel comfortable with and a service you offer which compliments those around you will automatically give you a huge step forward.
  • Become the future brand associated to the service, remain vigilant as too often it’s tempting to start to feed in taglines and wording that will detract from your vision and message when you hear people around you saying your name doesn’t tell them what you do. Ask if they didn’t know Virgin would the name tell them what Virgin now stands for and quickly communicate what services they offer?
  • And finally pick a brand that will stand the test of time, don’t use buzz words or try and hang on the coattails of existing brands. if you are in this for the long haul, then you want to be unique in your identity, establish your own brand values and communicate them through your brands DNA.

Kree8 loves nothing more than creating unique brands from scratch, working with entrepreneurs and businesses who want to be the future brands if you need any help establishing your brand identity then drop us a message and let’s start collaborating…. Contact Us

Lead image credit: CC0 Creative Commons | Pixabay