How to Build a Strong Online Presence – Kree8 Branding

Many potential customers discover the existence of business through the internet. These days, customers are using the internet to look for products. If your potential customers are online, it only makes sense that you and your business should be online too. A strong online presence will not only increase your business credibility and reputation but will also work to establish your business as an authority in the market. These will help the potential customers to discover you and your business together with the products that you have put on to offer them.

Here are the ways through which you can build a strong presence online.

Be Tactical on Search Engine Optimisation


A website with all the basics is essential and a must for any business that wants to succeed. Your business website should be simple. It does not necessarily have to be too fancy, too complicated or too big. Your site should capture necessary information about your business. Display contact information, opening hours, testimonials, and all other information that is important for your customers. You should have a blog section to engage your customers with your unique business voice.

Today, your website needs optimisation for mobile, and it must load fast and have calls-to-action. After doing this, you need to optimise your website for major search engines that include Google, Yahoo and Bing. You can simply hire a Branding or Marketing agency that is proficient in high-level SEO techniques, and get your website optimised with their help.

Social Media Techniques

Social Media MarketingEmploying the best social media management techniques is central in making your business touch base with potential customers. Not all social media channels are suitable for all businesses. You should weigh your options and decide what channels to use depending on the type of business that you are in. However, social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter are generally suitable for the majority of companies. If your business is in Fashion, you need Instagram. Others include Google Plus, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, to name a few.

Good social media techniques involve frequently posting credible materials, messages and information on social pages and accounts. You also need to respond to your customers through the channels, by providing consistent value to your followers. Build and cultivate relationships with the people that matter to your business. You should join and participate in groups made up of individuals sharing the same line of business or interests.

Track Your Progress

You should be sure to track your online presence success to decide whether to change tactics. While you have created a good business website, you have to keep track of how many visitors you are getting daily. How many likes, shares, mentions, and reactions are you getting on your social media channels, etc. You can also compare your social media platform results. Why is your Twitter account gaining followers, but your Facebook page isn’t doing well? Or why your Google+ account is not grabbing attention.  These are the questions that should guide you.

So once you apply all the above-said techniques to your business, no one can stop you from building a robust online presence. But if you think that all these activities don’t fall under the area that you are specialised in, you can just hire a digital marketing agency. A marketing agency has all the expertise to handle Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Marketing, tracking progress, improving the website and so on. It’d be a great idea to partner up with an agency like this if you think you might struggle getting started. If you fancy giving it a go on your own then its worth checking out tools like Linkio, an excellent tool for managing and planning your social media content.