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Kree8 deliver a branding strategy to stand the test of time.

How to create a branding strategy - Establish your identity, agree what it means, outline your direction.

Having a robust branding strategy is the best foundation on which to build your business. We develop influential, powerful brands, allowing your business to become an icon to shape the future.

We want to help define your company’s image, keeping it true to your values and effectively communicating it to your customers. We support new and existing businesses build iconic brands with a clear strategy and vision.

Working with large and small organisations, we create compelling brands through research, visual identity, marketing channels and internal channels.

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Your Vision, Our Mission

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Connecting brands and ideas

Our True Passion

Our dedicated teams develop a brand strategy for each client, to move forward and take the next steps into the world. Bespoke to each client, our designers work closely with you throughout the experience. Our work with Brilworx and Reach87, for example, resulted in a brand that spoke directly to their customer base and established them as a unique player in their market.

Connecting brands and ideas

Our Way – Methodology

We research your market, your competitors and your customers to build your brand strategy. We set you apart with crucial differentiators in your sector and ensure that customers won’t have seen anything like you before. Take a look at our portfolio to look at how we’ve done this for our clients.

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Running a start-up business can be extremely exhausting. From sales and marketing to invoicing and product (or service) delivery, small business owners are expected to wear as many hats as possible for their business to be successful.

Little wonder why many of them neglect their personal branding; often resulting in an inconsistent brand image across several communication platforms. What many start-ups fail to realise is that branding plays a very important role in their customer’s decision-making process. Read the full article

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